Essential freight processes optimised for freight forwarders. 

Cost, Customise and Create Shipment Quotes in seconds.


Save Time

Create an accurate shipment quote in seconds and save both you and your customers valuable time while freeing your staff to focus on high value work that generates your company more business.


Reduce Costs

Reduce the time it takes to handle customer quote requests and lessen the need to have dedicated or high wage staff completing costings. This increased efficiency leads to lower costs without a large capital outlay. 


Increase Sales

Your customers have many choices for moving their freight. By being able to offer instant accurate costings and bookings you will impress your current and potential customers and win more business.



As a freight forwarder, costing and booking your customers' freight can take a significant amount of your staff's time. By streamlining these processes you can significantly reduce your internal costs while providing a superior level of service to your customers. 



Centralise your LCL, FCL and AF customer specific sell rates or your carrier specific buy rates on our secure online servers where you control who can access them.

FreightChecker accepts your rates in Excel, Cargowise and other formats or take advantage of our managed service to maximise efficiency.


Your WAY

Provide access to your staff so that they can instantly calculate shipment costs and generate professional quotes for your customers while they are still on the phone.

or provide secure online access for your key customers so that they can cost, book and monitor their freight themselves anytime anywhere.


Your success

By streamlining what is currently a laborious and outdated process you can create a competitive advantage and cost saving opportunity for your company. 

Save time and money while providing a level of service that makes your customers come back for more.

Faster, better,


Select the origin, destination and size of the shipment to calculate the customer specific shipment cost across all available options in seconds.



Customise the costing by adding, deleting or amending individual charges, updating the exchange rate and adding customer information.



Create a professional, accurate and itemised costing in PDF format that is ready to be sent to your customer for approval and booking. 



Your rates and costings

Keep the rates your staff need and the costings they provide in a central location so that any of your staff can access them whenever they are required. 



Hands free

No expert knowledge required. No expensive training or software manuals required. We'll look after getting FreightChecker up and running for you and your customers. 



Anywhere anytime

No capital outlay for new software or hardware. No installation on any computers. FreightChecker can be accessed from any device anywhere at anytime. 

flexible pricing

Depending on how you employ FreightChecker within your business we can be flexible with the pricing plan to ensure the best fit is achieved. 


per user

Starting from $100 per month these plans ensure that you know how much you will be spending each month. 


per use

Starting from $5 per booking these plans ensure that you only pay for the benefits you receive. 


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There is nothing this good on the market today. It's got huge potential to greatly improve the efficiency of freight forwarders and help them run their business better.


We were looking for ways to reduce the number of incoming phone calls from our customers. FreightChecker has helped us achieve that goal while actually  improving our service. 


We are always looking for ways to make our business more efficient. FreightChecker does this without compromising our high standards of service. 


FreightChecker is a great company. The team are really experienced and know the freight industry from working in it for decades.  


This is exactly what we needed to be able to provide the level of service our key customers require. At the same time it's helped free our staff up which is always appreciated. 


FreightChecker has helped us maintain a strong relationship with one of our key accounts who use the product every day and it was critical in their selection of forwarding partner.